About Us

The National Import Company was founded and commenced operations in New York, in 1947.  Its objective was to make fine quality and uniquely designed gift items from Europe available for sale in the USA through retailers.

Since the company's founders were from Switzerland that country's products formed the basis of the original product lines that were offered. As a result, fine quality timepieces (usually hand made), wristwatches and clocks were brought to market in the USA. Unique designs from France, Germany, and Italy were offered as well.

In 1959, The National Import Company was incorporated in New York, under the name Natico an acronym for NATionalImport COmpany. The word Originals was chosen to signify the fact that its product lines were unique, unusual, and authentic and generally firsts. 

As the world markets changed, so too did Natico. However, by maintaining the "Original" quality concept, Natico'sProduct Lines evolved from "one of a kind" into unique or exclusive selected gift ranges. Through the years, Natico has maintained its reputation for providing the retailer with quality products from around the world.

For more than sixty (60) years Natico has been providing the highest quality, most unique designs at affordable prices. Designs are inspired by the trendiest European and Asian designers. High styling and superior craftsmanship combine to create a fine assortment of practical and useful gifts.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer premium quality products with competitive pricing.  We are extremely customer service oriented - and make every effort to ensure that every order that leaves our facility is perfect. 

We partner with our distributors working together to make every inquiry, project and order easy and smooth for all concerned. 

Our mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your clients through the power of promotional products.  Email us at Customer_Service@natico.com or call us @ 800-628-4261. 

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